I am a unicorn, guide, muse, sacred space holder, alchemist, shadow whisperer, priestess, heart mirror, healer, dancer, singer, sister


I am a healer. I heal with my voice, my heart, my hands, my energy, my mind, my very soul. I heal people, animals, and the earth. I heal myself.

I am an artist. I am my canvas. I create images, words, inspiration and ideas.

I am a priestess. A sacred space holder. I dance around fire circles. I honor the Divine Feminine. I am a peaceful warrior for love. I am most alive in nature, in the woods, by the ocean, in the moonlight.

I am not afraid of the dark. I have met my soul deeply in the shadows of past heartbreak long forgotten, yet etched in energetic imprints in my body. I have been with it, honored it, loved it, listened to it, and set it free.

I am here to help give women back their voice, their fire, their wellness, their trust and connection with themselves and others. To help them remember the goddess inside whispering in their ears, aching to be set free.

What is a unicorn?

Someone who trusts and follows their heart(inner wisdom) above all else, someone who can heal with a gentle word, touch, question or look, someone who can look into your eyes and see your soul, then mirror back all of the beauty your ego hides, someone who desires to spread love, joy, peace and understanding far and wide. Someone who believes that we are all equal, all deserving, all whole and is willing to stand up for those who reach out for a hand up. Someone with a deep connection to mother earth and all life.




What do unicorns do?

We inspire, uplift, laugh, cry, scream, dance around a bonfire or a living room, listen to the whispers of the full moon, wind and water. We join together with other unicorns to share our love and our fear, our hopes and our dreams, our struggles and triumphs. We do it lovingly, without judgment, but with a heartfelt nudge of our horn if we feel guided by spirit