I teach pet parents how to heal the root causes of skin and ear problems naturally to ease suffering, save money, and add years to their beloved pets lives.

 does your dog spend more time doing this.....

does your dog spend more time doing this.....

 Than this?

Than this?

  • Does your dog or cat have itchy, red, swollen, or irritated skin or ears?

  • Have you made repeated, expensive trips to the vet, but the problems always come back?

  • Is you pet on a merry go round of antibiotics, steroids, and antifungals, and still suffering?

  • Has your dog suffered from an ear hematoma from all the scratching?

  • Do you wish there was a better way?


What if there was a way to heal the root cause of your pet's chronic, painful skin problems so you could reduce or eliminate the antibiotics and steroids that are causing a viscous cycle and shortening their lives?

By addressing the foundations of good health, including diet, exercise, and emotional health, you can reduce or eliminate most chronic health problems. I will show you how to do this.


This is my dog Midnight. When we adopted him from a rescue organization, his hair was thin, coarse, and dry. His teeth were disgusting. After 6 months of holistic care, including a raw diet, daily exercise, and lots of love, he is thriving! As you can see, his coat is now thick, full, and soft. His teeth are white. He is a happy, well adjusted little guy. Would you like to help your pet thrive? Schedule a free strategy session with me for a no obligation chance to find out how I can help you and your pet live your best lives.


Midnight Before

midnight after


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicki Glasser of the Mountain Xpress regarding healthy diets for dogs and cats. You can read the article here