As we work together, you will be able to:

-reconnect with what truly makes your heart and spirit soar

-begin releasing the old, stuck, hurtful beliefs and patterns keeping you spinning

-learn to really see your own inner beauty

-reconnect with your intuition

-learn how to use your personal light house to light your soul’s path

-make friends with your body, her cycles and rhythms 

-learn how ritual and gratitude can illuminate your path forward

-connect with the divine feminine in your self and all around 

-find your true voice and allow yourself to use it

-make friends with your muse


There are a few ways that we can work together. I offer individual coaching packages, women's sisterhood circles and a group program. I welcome you to schedule a free strategy session so we can decide which is your best fit.



Find Your Inner Song: The 28 Day Quick Start Program

Here we will have 4 weekly sessions, 45-55 minutes each, either by phone, video chat, or in person if you live locally. Each session will build on the last, helping you grow further toward your personal goals. We will establish your goals, build an action plan, work through road blocks, and maintain accountability.

Your investment is $396


Find Your Inner Song- The 90 Day Intensive Program

Why 90 days? Research as proven that it takes 3 months to form new habits. This gives us the best chance to go deeper into our work and crystallize your goals and how to achieve them. It also gives you support when you need it most- when the excitement of the new begins to fade and giving up starts to feel like an option. I will help you stay connected to what you really want.

This program includes 12 weekly sessions of 45-55 minutes. It includes email check-ins along the way to make sure you are following through with the goals you've created, or if you just need a little extra support. 

You investment is $365 a month or $996 in full (a $99 savings)


Starter Sessions

I am now offering single sessions for those you who just need a little extra help or clarification. While I believe that transformation is a journey best reached through an ongoing process, I understand that sometimes we just need a little support or a nudge in the right direction.



I also offer both 28 and 90 day programs for those who have been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, or have given up gluten but still feel ill effects. I can help you ease the bloating, manage your kitchen, and dine out with confidence.



Pay It Forward- I am a Pay it Forward Practitioner. As I believe that healing should be for all, I offer a pay what you can afford option. Those paying full price are helping to pay it forward by financially allowing me to extent my services to others. I ask that those who accept the pay what you can afford option pay it forward by doing something to help someone else. If we keep it going, just imagine the impact we can have!