Learning To Dance With The Subconscious Mind

Our minds are incredibly powerful. Powerful enough to create our reality. This is both a blessing and a curse. What does your mind tend to focus on? What programs does your subconscious play over and over? Are they things you want your life to be filled with, or not so much? Our perception controls not only what the mind focuses in on, but our attitudes towards it. Can shifting our perception and learning to dance with the subconscious mind improve our lives?

Our conscious mind only controls about 5-10% of our thoughts and actions. The other 90-95% are controlled by our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind acts like a cross between hold music and an answering machine message. When it is in charge, those around you get the recording, “Sorry, my conscious mind isn’t here right now, so here is a recording from my past for you to listen to while I’m gone.” We usually are not even aware that this is happening. And to make matters worse, our minds will LIE to us about it! If you catch someone playing their recording, and you say back to them what they just said, chances are very good that they will deny it. And they probably won’t do it calmly, I might add. They might even yell at you.“I did NOT say that! You obviously weren’t really listening to me. I said (insert something different than what the person actually said, but that their conscious mind finds more appealing)." And they will fully believe that they are correct. Why? Because the subconscious mind(never mind the ego) does not want you to realize what it is up to! So, why does this happen?

Our subconscious mind might sound like the bad guy, often getting us into trouble; but in reality, it helps us out quite a lot. Those mental recordings that get us into fights with our partners also make it possible for us to drive a car, dress and feed ourselves, and do our jobs without having to relearn how to do them each day. Think of the millions of thing you’ve learned to do in your lifetime. Imagine if you had to relearn them each day? You’d never get anything else done. 

These programs also help us stay safe. Our subconscious mind often works together with our intuition on this one. When we are in a potentially dangerous situation, our subconscious mind remembers back to similar situations(real or imagined-that’s another thing, it can’t tell if something is really happening to us, or if, say, we are watching it on TV. Our emotions while watching TV still create the same chemical response in our brains as if it is really happening so our subconscious mind remembers it with the feeling attached) and sets off alarm bells. Our intuition picks up and decides whether or not it feels we are in danger. If so, it sends us a message- “Get out. Don’t trust that person.” This can save our lives. It can also put huge mental blocks in our way when we want to leave our comfort zone to try new things. Since keeping you safe is one of the primary responsibilities of the subconscious, it is always looking for threats. Take writing this article for example. Seems straight forward enough, right? Ha, not so fast! My subconscious mind is currently busy reminding me of several times in my past, mostly my childhood, where making my opinions heard did not work out so well for me. This then gets the mental gremlins going. My subconscious mind thinks it is being helpful. It is probably high fiving with my inner critic voice right now over how good of a job they are doing keeping me from getting hurt. Thankfully, I’ve learned enough about myself to understand what is going on. So now, after checking my email, Facebook, and having a small snack, I’m back to finishing this article. Yep. Just thinking about it enough to write it out magnified the thoughts enough to knock me off course for a little while.

So, what can we do with this understanding? How can we make friends with our subconscious mind? One of the most powerful ways I have found is meditation. Learning to quiet the flow of thoughts, or at least learning to just observe them without attachment in itself can make a huge difference. When we realize that we are not our thoughts, but the one who is aware of them and therefore we do not have to believe all of them, we gain a great power. Next, consciously work to think about things that bring you joy. The more you do this, the more your perception will shift to bring more good things into your awareness. The last step is gratitude. Remember that your subconscious is really trying to help you. Thank it! When you acknowledge it for all of the times it has protected you, it is more willing to listen when you tell it that what you are currently doing is safe and it can relax. 

With time and practice, you can learn to dance with your subconscious mind. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Any new skill takes practice. The more you reward your progress and speak lovingly to yourself, the quicker you will find changes happening. Soon, you will find yourself smiling more, doing more of the things you love, and life will really start opening up for you. It is your life. Go create it!