4 Tips For Holiday Harmony

1. Make "me" time a priority. Set aside at least a few minutes every day just for yourself. Put it on your calendar. Even 10 minutes spent doing meditation, deep breathing, journaling, or talking to a close friend can help keep stress levels lowered and productivity raised.
1. Spend time in nature. As it gets colder, we tend to find ourselves inside more. We can lose our connection to nature and the stress relieving qualities found there. Remember your last hike? How good the air smelled? How you forgot all your problems while taking in the beauty? Even if it's too cold for a hike where you live, go for a drive someplace beautiful. Play in the snow. Take the dogs for a walk. You'll feel better for it!
3. Add healthy foods in with the holiday treats. It's easy to let your otherwise good food choices slip away as people start bringing in cookies, cakes, etc. to work and the holiday parties are in full swing. I'm not asking you to go without completely. I'm not that mean or naive. Just be sure to balance it out with some good, healthy options too. Make sure your breakfast includes protein, healthy fat and fiber. This will help prevent blood sugar spikes during the day and lessen cravings.
4. For those with food sensitivities or other restrictions, bring something safe and delicious to parties and the office. This saved me last year working at the lab. The break room was constantly full of amazing looking and smelling deserts that I knew I couldn't eat. So instead of being miserable, I made my favorite gluten free brownies and took them in my lunch. That way, when everyone else was enjoying treats, I had one too.