3 Ways To Keep Pets Safe During the Holidays

1. Cats and tinsel do not mix! No matter how pretty it looks draped on the tree, don't risk it. Cats being cats will want to play with it, then eat it. Because they're cats. Tinsel can get caught in the digestive track and wind itself around and cause blockages and possibly death.
2. Same for poinsettias. And lilies. Cats love to chew on plants. Just ask my pansies. Unfortunately, many plants are poisonous to cats. Before you bring a beautiful plant home for the holidays, make sure it's cat safe if you share your home with one. You can find a list of toxic and non-toxic plants from the ASPCA here
3. Don't go overboard with the left overs! Sure, your dog(or cat) may love a few bites of turkey and sweet potatoes, and that's fine. That's right. I said it. I do not fall into the don't feed your pets people food camp. Just don't go crazy with it. Especially the fatty parts, like skin and gravy. Most people know the day after Thanksgiving as shopping day, but most people working at vet clinics know it as pancreatitis day. Yep. People either give their dogs waayyy too much fatty food or the dog gets into the trash. Either way, you end up with a very sick dog and a very large vet bill. So just remember to give them about a quarter of the amount you want to give them.