You are beautiful

You are brave, wise, intuitive and creative. You are love incarnate.


But sometimes you forget, don’t you? It’s alright, we all do



You are here to set the world on fire with your magic, however that may look for you...writing, music, activism, speaking~sharing yourself, your passion, your love.

You long to tap back into that deepest, truest part of yourself, the place in your heart where the passion still burns, but you are having trouble getting there. The door is locked. 

That’s where I come in. I guide brave souls on a journey back to their hearts and remind them that they were holding the key all along. Once we open the door, you can once again hear your own song. The song that only your heart plays.


I believe that love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is truth. Love is what inspires us to reach our greatest potential, both individually and as a collective. It is what unites us. 

Before you can be the change maker you aspire to be, you have to be able to truly see yourself as that person. I help you do that.



I believe that we all have our own inner song. A song that our heart sings when we are fully aligned with our own truth. When we connect with what we most love and are passionate about, we find the key to unlock the door to that special place in our heart where the magic lives. What locks the door? Fear, limiting beliefs and judgement

Love, does this feel like you? 

  • You're a little bit crunchy, a bit namaste, a tad book nerdy, a little bit flirty, a little bit witchy and just a tiny bit bitchy

  • You have always felt drawn to the world of crystals, stones, unicorns, dragons and fairies, and mermaids or maybe vampires, slayers, and Wonder Woman. The mystical side and/or powerful women calls to you
  • You honor the sacred feminine in any or all of her glorious shapes, forms and manifestations
  • You have a deep respect for mother earth and all of life, and want to help her heal. You feel called to help raise the consciousness of the planet to bring unity, peace and love to the world
  • In healing mother earth, you've chosen to embrace sisterhood with other wild, free unicorns to share the healing with them and yourself
  • You feel transformation swirling all around you both internally and in the world, and you desire to embrace it with open eyes and an open heart
  • You are willing to shine a light into the dark shadows in your heart, for you understand that you can only meet yourself and others as deeply as you are willing to go
  • You desire to follow your heart and dreams, however that may look for you
  • Your overall wellness is important to you, mind, body and soul. You understand that if one part of you is feeling challenged, all of you is impacted
  • You have war wounds or battle scars from past pain, but have used them to grow stronger.
  • You are open to diving into the dark of your own soul and be a warrior of self love and love for the world


As we work together, you will reconnect with your deepest inspiration, and sing your own heart song.